Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend in Review

I'm a little bit more than upset with myself lately. I started doing to track what I'm eating, and I apparently have some work to do. I'm going to talk to my friend the diet editor some more this week, but I think I need help from an RD. I'm going over on daily sugar allowances in my first meal! One suggestion: instead of sugar, try honey or agave, right? Note to self: purchase something other than sugar.

Also: Sometimes I just need to give in to the urge to buy something totally junky at 1 a.m. in the morning after a night of celebrating and wedding partying. That one night was Saturday. No more for a while. :)

Well on to good and better things. I took a break working out Saturday and Sunday since I had company, but already back to it on Monday morning with a one-mile walk. Here's to losing some weight this week and getting one step closer to healthy!

Bad part of Monday: company lunch at a Mexican restaurant and birthday dinner at an Italian. Eh... chance to make smart choices!


  1. Good job on your walk today!

    Hey, my hubby just visited your town a couple weeks ago. He'd never been to Alabama. He said it was beautiful, hot and muggy!

  2. Holy Crap TFF, We got some serious work to do here my friend... I went on your fitness pal and your diet is not helping you one bit. Mountain dew? How about eating some REAL food? Someone obviously told you about green drink shakes as the path to nirvana. For breakfast, the most important meal of the day, you need to be eating Old Fashioned oatmeal, not quick oats with blueberries, a handful of almonds and protein powder. For snack, greek yogurt with an apple, for lunch, I would like to see you with a good piece of red meat and greens, tomatoes, a tsp of olive oil, for second snack, some more almonds and a piece of fruit, For your dinner...a piece of Salmon with some steamed brocolli, green beans, spinach and topped with olive oil, lemon or toasted sesame oil. This is real food...these are the super foods... you will not have any worries about too many carbs because you should not be eating any bread, potatoes or starches right now. Those are every so often, not every day. You are looking at double digit losses if you can do this. And it's not hard. Juices are out. High glycemic. They are too high in sugar because the fiber has been stripped, you are going to be on a rollercoaster in the blood sugar merry-go-round. You need to stabilize your insulin and this is the way to do it. Try my diet for one week and you will see. No cheating. -Robin

  3. Thanks, Robin! I'll write all this down and plug in a little at a time until I finally get it right!

    Not sure about the salmon. Can't stand the taste of it but definitely willing to try other fish. Had pompano (?) last night. Delicious!

    On the juices, are they just bad all around? I mean, I like to get my vitamins and minerals from food sources, and I've always been told whole, natural juices (read not "fruit juices") are a great way if you're finding you can't get it in with actual food. And if it's all real, it's all-natural sugar, right? Or no?