Friday, July 3, 2009

Getting Started

I work around very healthy people and have a great understanding of how I can work to lose weight, eat right, and most importantly, get healthy. It'll be a slow process because, after all, I've been fat for 24 years.

Meds are out. I took prescription weight loss pills in high school, lost nearly 80 pounds and gained it all back (plus some) in college.

Weight loss surgery is out. Yes, I know plenty of people who have had it and look great, but after all my research, I've decided we just don't know enough about the long-term side effects to risk removing a portion of my stomach. Plus, I also know quite a few people who have gained back every bit of the weight they lost.

Self-loathing is out. I'll remember that I am beautiful even if most people wouldn't agree. I'll learn to love what I am going to be and that I'm willing to fight for a change.

Exercise is in. I'll start with walking videos, treadmill, elliptical and build myself up to possibly running. When I'm more comfortable in the gym, I might seek out a personal trainer to help with toning and hitting problem areas.

Healthy eating is in. I've got great resources for healthy cooking, organic, all-natural foods. I love to cook new things, so that won't be a problem. And I know of great restaurants in my area so I can eat healthy without zapping my small food budget.

Healthy rewards are in. I'll reward myself with new exercise videos, great workout clothes, new running shoes or smaller-sized clothes, not food and sugary treats.

Why It'll Work This Time
It's not like I haven't spent years of my life thinking, "I need to lose weight." I have. And I've tried weird things like only drinking Slim-Fast (lost 20 pounds, gained 30 pounds). But this time, I'm dedicated and serious. I don't like losing my breath when I walk a block. I don't like not fitting into a seat on the airplane. I don't like worrying if I'll set off an alarm if I squeeze into a crowded elevator. This time it isn't to be popular or pretty; it's to be healthy.

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