Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Secret Weapon

I found these bowls a few months back and love them. They are my secret weapon in the fight against over snacking. They're tiny, 4 ounce bowls; just enough for ice cream, nuts, chips, anything I want to snack on but need to control. And not only for you, but it's great to get others in your house in the habit of using these bowls to properly portion out things.

Until later!


  1. My sister ate ice cream right out of the carton - until it was gone. I saw too much of myself in her actions. So I downsized the portion size, too!

  2. I've also swicted to eating off smaller plates for my meals. It makes the smaller portions look bigger!

  3. Good idea! I could get rid of my big plates and maybe eat on only salad plates or small dinner plates from now on. Plate will look fuller sooner. Thanks!