Friday, January 29, 2010

Try. Don't try.

Lean Cuisine's Linguine Carbonara

Check out their site here.

Their description: Linguine pasta with savory bits of bacon, flavorful red and green peppers, peas and basil, all tossed in a creamy Parmesan sauce.

Nutrition Facts
1 package has...
300 calories
8g of total fat
2g of sat fat
590mg of sodium
43g carbohydrated
14g protein

First ingredient

For 300 calories, it's a hefty meal
Only has 590mg of sodium, which is 25% of your daily value
Pasta isn't over done, has good texture

See below.

All I tasted was salt. The pieces of pepper didn't taste any different than the peas. It wasn't overly salty, as in I did finish the meal. But it was just one taste throughout.

Neither up nor down.

I say - give it a try if you like quick meals that are still good. But if you're looking for big taste, let's find something else.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Try/Don't Try

I figured out a way I can share more of what I'm doing without weighing myself down with worry over letting you guys down if I don't update every single day.

Introducing - Try. Don't try.

I do tend to try a lot of new things as I'm looking to get away from my bad habits (spaghetti) and into newer ones (steamed veggies and lean proteins). I also try a lot of new products through my work.

So, during my lunch hours, I will update you guys on something new I've tried recently. It won't necessarily be every single day, but at least twice a week.

This way, I can share foods you should buy in the grocery and try (or not) and great recipes I've found (or ones to avoid).

So for the inaugural post of Try. Don't try.

Nutrition Facts (from Chocolate Indulgence)
1 snack has...
60 calories
3g of total fat
2g of sat fat
0g of sugar
2g protein

First ingredient

Only 60 calories. Come on, how great!
Convenient and easy to carry in your lunch
Texture is very light, so those of you who are anti-pudding might still enjoy this

Sucralose - oy! how I hate artificial sweeteners.
Sat fat is kind of high for a product like this.

I tried all three flavors... Chocolate Indulgence, Dark Chocolate Decadence, and Caramel Creme ...and my favorite is hands down Dark Chocolate Decadence. But if you're not a dark chocolate fan, don't come near it. It speaks to my dark-chocolate-loving heart. Chocolate Indulgence is great, middle-of-the-road chocolate for everyone else. And while I don't like caramel as a rule, Caramel Creme wasn't all that bad. It is sweet, a little too sweet for me, but it was good.


Weigh-In Day

Last weigh-in: 269.0
This week's weight: 273.0
Change since last week: +4.0
Total pounds lost: 20

We are NOT headed in the right direction. And I know what I did wrong. Last week was an incredibly, incredibly stressful week at work. Most nights I didn't leave until 8. So dinner was late, and when I get stressed, I eat. Eat whatever is in front of me. Last week it was nut mixes and lots and lots of Mountain Dew.

This week, I've made a vow to walk away form my desk no later than 5:30, go for a walk, decompress, eat well (no more late-night fast food), and get it back together as quickly as I can.

I can handle seeing that scale go up anymore.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weigh-In Day

Last weigh-in: 266.2
This week's weight: 269.0
Change since last week: +2.8
Total pounds lost: 24

I promised myself I wouldn't be upset as long as I gained less than 5 pounds. Like I said last week, I had a stomach virus and hadn't eaten in several days when I weighed in. So to have lost almost 10 pounds and then only gain back 3? Well, I'll take it.

Here's to getting back to 266 very soon!


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Small Victories

I think, in this battle, everything is about small victories.

One pound at a time.
One piece of cake turned down.
One extra set of stairs taken.

Today, I had a small victory.

I was able to put on my jeans without sucking in or doing that oh-so-familiar jean stretch dance.

Small victories.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Weigh-in Day

Last weigh-in: 275.8
This week's weight: 266.2
Change since last week: -9.6
Total pounds lost: 26.8

I wish I could say I worked for that almost-10 pound loss, but in reality, I had a stomach virus, and I haven't eaten in a few days (not to mention everything else that was in me coming out). So that 266 is almost certain to creep back up as soon as I'm able to eat again. But I guess, here's to hoping I'll return to it soon enough.

And if I don't creep up, YEAH GO ME!!!

I've spent the last few days thinking about my weight loss. I'm only sorta dedicated to it. I haven't seen a gym in a few months. I'm eating well, but not so well as to be honest enough about it. Yet, slowly and steadily I'm losing some weight.

Should I start updating more? Should I not? Should I keep track of my calories even though that tends to stress me out? How do I find the motivation to get into the gym? I've only been updating this once a week, to let you all know my weight. Should I do more? As a tool to keep me accountable?

Up until now, I haven't really had to give much up. I've just been chipping away at weight loss. But I'm wanting to get in charge of this. I want to be at the steering wheel, not just a passenger.

How do I do it?