Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Weigh-in

Last week's weight: 280.6
This week's weight: 278.6
Change since last weigh-in: -2
Pounds lost total: 14.4

I'm not really sure what to think of it. I literally weighed myself at least 20 times because I never got the same number. At one point I was 273.2. The next time I was 280.6 again. I don't know. I went with this average, though I've been weighing myself all week and I've been in the 277, 276 range. So a little disappointed. (Maybe the ice cream was too much.) But I have been doing a lot of weights and push ups and such, so maybe I've just gained some muscle. Would love to be down to 275 by next week! Just want to make sure I'm doing everything correctly.


  1. Congratulations! Everything looks good to me!

  2. congrats!!! are you using a digital scale?? might be less anxiety provoking ... :)

  3. Yeah, it's a digital scale. But depending on how I stand, it changes. Haha! A bit annoying, but I'll figure it out. Eventually.

  4. aaahh ... i have a digital one that sort of 'locks' in the number it settles on and then you can't mess with it - or jump back on again and different number. it'll be the same.

    14lbs in a month is AWESOME!!!