Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Weigh-In

Last week's weight: 280.0
This week's weight: 278.4
Change since last week: -1.6
Total pounds lost: 14.6

I feel better this week. I was actually at a lower point on Tuesday before I finally started walking again. Weird how that happens. Not sure if I'm consuming enough calories, and since I've been busy and unable to update myfitnesspal, it's hard to tell. I promise to get better at that so I can keep track of it. But still 1.6 pounds is 1.6 pounds. And next week, it'll be another 1.6 pounds and on and on until I'm where I need to be!

Happy weekend!



  1. Yay! Congrats! 1.6 is a great loss!

  2. I have been losing 1.6 per week and have lost almost 50! It will happen for you too!