Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A conundrum

So this weekend, I sat around Friday and Saturday, weighed the next mornings and had lost 2 pounds! I ate well, didn't eat any crap sugar stuff, but also didn't exercise. Yesterday, I eat normal stuff, have a sweet or two, walk for 1.3 miles and gain 3 pounds since Sunday morning.

My only thought: I totally blew it on Sunday with two Mountain Dews. I was also running around the state seeing some friends, didn't eat regularly and drank those toxic drinks. Then yesterday I had some crap pop tart and sugary candies. Maybe sugar really is my problem. In that case, as an experiment, only my ounce of dark chocolate on occasion for the rest of the week! We'll see what happens!

I really just want to break through 275!



  1. Drink lots of water and flush that evil sugar out. You will feel better soon and the scale will cooperate. Pop tarts are evil! They have about 10 teaspoons of sugar in one serving.

  2. The dreaded SUGAR! I love it, I want to marry it!

  3. I found you through Jill's blog. I love the idea of keeping yourself accountable this way. I wish I had to guts to put it all out there the way you have, even if it's anonymous. Good luck with your weight loss journey!