Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On today's menu...

Kettle Cuisine Organic Mushroom and Potato Soup

Their site for this soup: here.

Their description: Savory mushrooms sautéed in butter, garlic and thyme are good. When combined with freshly peeled potatoes and finished with herbs and light cream, they become undeniably delicious.

Nutrition Facts
1 container has...
140 calories
8g of total fat
3.5g of sat fat
670mg of sodium
14g carbohydrates
4g dietary fiber
4g protein

First ingredient

- It's a very nice-sized bowl of soup for only 140 calories.
- Very creamy texture. With lots of mushroom pieces.
- You get 10 percent of your daily calcium. And 8 percent of your iron!
- I can pronounce everything on the Ingredients list.
- It's gluten free (and vegetarian), which isn't important for me, but for some of you, it will be.

- It has 670mg of sodium. That's 28% of your daily value. But it's perfectly salted, so I didn't feel like I needed to add any for good flavor.
- I did feel like I needed something else simply because 140 calories isn't a lot in my diet plan. But a nice salad would have been perfect with this.
- 3.5g sat fat? Can't figure out where that's coming in. All the different oils, maybe? But 0g trans fat--that's good!

Excellent. Very hearty, earthy taste. Which is exactly what I want from a mushroom and potato soup.

Try. Hands-down try! This is such a good soup!

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