Monday, February 1, 2010

Try. Don't try.

In today's edition - Healthy Choice's All-Natural Entrees - Lobster Cheese Ravioli

Nutrition Facts
(for 1 meal)
250 calories
6g total fat
2.5g sat fat
0g trans fat
580mg sodium
37g total carbohydrate
4g dietary fiber
8g sugar
10g protein

First Ingredient
Semolina Wheat Flour

only 250 calories - a great lunch!
easy to cook, good instructions
for a packaged meal, the sodium isn't too high (580mg)

the vodka sauce was incredibly watered down
there weren't a lot of pieces of green and yellow zucchini

I know it says the ravioli is lobster, but it's more of a generic seafood taste, and not really a good one at that. The seafood taste is coming from lobster puree (lobster claw meat, corn starch, canola oil), lobster base {lobster meat, salt, maltodextrin, autolyzed yeast extract, dried potato, corn oil, flavoring and space (paprika) extractive}, natural lobster flavor {yeast extract, maltodextrin, lobster meat, shrimp powder, pollock powder, whey powder, cream powder (cream, non fat milk, soy lecithin), salt, tapioca maltodextrin, potato maltodextrin, natural flavoring}.

What's pollock?
What's maltodextrin?

If not for the lobster part of this whole thing, it might actually be okay. But alas...

The verdict
Don't try.

It really wasn't satisfying, and I threw it away before I was finished. Nice try, Healthy Choice. I'm sure I'll find something I enjoy from you guys soon enough.

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