Monday, January 11, 2010

Weigh-in Day

Last weigh-in: 275.8
This week's weight: 266.2
Change since last week: -9.6
Total pounds lost: 26.8

I wish I could say I worked for that almost-10 pound loss, but in reality, I had a stomach virus, and I haven't eaten in a few days (not to mention everything else that was in me coming out). So that 266 is almost certain to creep back up as soon as I'm able to eat again. But I guess, here's to hoping I'll return to it soon enough.

And if I don't creep up, YEAH GO ME!!!

I've spent the last few days thinking about my weight loss. I'm only sorta dedicated to it. I haven't seen a gym in a few months. I'm eating well, but not so well as to be honest enough about it. Yet, slowly and steadily I'm losing some weight.

Should I start updating more? Should I not? Should I keep track of my calories even though that tends to stress me out? How do I find the motivation to get into the gym? I've only been updating this once a week, to let you all know my weight. Should I do more? As a tool to keep me accountable?

Up until now, I haven't really had to give much up. I've just been chipping away at weight loss. But I'm wanting to get in charge of this. I want to be at the steering wheel, not just a passenger.

How do I do it?



  1. I would love for you to update more. To be honest, the only thing that motivates me to go to the gym is if I'm meeting a friend or going to a class. I just cannot seem to do it by myself.

    Have you ever done a Jazzercise class? I did Jazzercise years ago and just started back. It's really fun.

  2. I would also love you to update more. I literally stop by almost every day to see if you have posted. Love the blog, that's why! You are doing great! Keep it up!

  3. Hi there! Hope you are doing well. I gave you an award on my blog. Come by when you get a chance!